Our company


Koersen Export is a young dynamic export organisation situated in the east of Holland.

We started our organisation in 1992. Knowledge, short lines and not too much overhead is the strength of our company.

We have our own farm, which gives us the advantage of knowing the practical side of farming, and being able to use this expertise in the selection of our products.
Every order will have our special attention on request of our client.


A small list of what our company has to offer.


    In-calf heifers

    Pedigree or Commercial

    High genetic merit

    Special cow families

    Carefully selected to your exact requirements, or select yourself.


So when you are interested in our products or like to know more about our company,
don't hesitate to give us a call.


Koersen Export
Zwolseweg 62, 8275 AA 'sHeerenbroek, Holland
Tel.  :    +31 (0) 383 557 607
Fax.  :    +31 (0) 383 556 877
Mobile:    +31 (0) 653 422 657

E-mail: info@koersen-export.nl


Never forget our slogan:


           When you like Quality Cattle from Holland.