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This is the newspage what tell's you everything what's important to know in our line of work. For example when we are present on a confention or a exhibition and other news about trading handling and so on.


Koersen Export at the RUAS in the Balmoral Hall - Belfast.





Visitors H.Mc Creery ( at the right ) and M. Toolerton ( 2e left ) together with our agent Mr. J. Howley ( 2e right ) and Nuala Porter ( 1e left ).


Now available complete herd dairy cows.

Herdaverage 305 days  8100 Kg  4,39  3.50.

Total numbers 45

Call us for more information !!!


Young stock still available !!!!


Very good black&white heifers for sale calving februari march  (Nice rekords good body weight).


Two VG  Red Holsteins available with good rekords. Dry at the moment.



Half cross MRY/HF heifers available with good rekords good butterfat super protein. Many satisfied clients in Ireland and UK.


Dixy Lee Aaron heifer avaieble out of Jabot daugther Pietje 175 (Dam of Sunny Boy) !!!! 



We do have several farm stops to come with good productions.

Give us a call and we keep you informed.



Picture taken at a exhibition in Utrecht.